Next Stop: Los Angeles

After giving up my window seat to a child and watching 4 & 1/2 hours of NBC programming we arrived safely at LAX.  It’s a rather large airport with lots of shops and security people.  I found my friends and my luggage and 64together we got an Uber to our car rentals.

Riding through the city was really interesting.  There’s so much to look at and take in even though I had no idea where I was or where we were going.  Since I’ve only ever lived in Athens and McDonough, I equated Los Angeles to those medium-sized Southern cities.  The problem with this is that I kept waiting for breaks in the landscape: pastures with cows and horses, large backyards and small gardens, but I never got them.  It was so weird to see a town so full of just … things.  I noticed it more as we got our cars from the rental service.

IMG_9732 IMG_9754


In my small Fiat 500 (nicknamed “FiFi”), the city really looks like it was created by Frankenstein.  New additions and companies are interwoven in old buildings and architecture. There are giant displays for new films in front of donut shops and hair salons.  Every store has a flashy or trendy display hoping to compete against the millions of other displays on one street alone.

I’m lucky that my car is small; I’m like a little old person coasting down the streets looking at everything I possibly can looking for familiar and unfamiliar stores and, more importantly, interesting places to eat.

After getting the cars we headed to the apartments and then to the grocery store, which I’m glad to report that Ralph’s is exactly like an upscale Kroger which means I can use my loyalty card and get my family back home fuel points! Yay fuel points!

Even though the city seems like a foreign place, it keeps surprising me with little touches that are familiar and remind me of home.

(like my favorite: McDonald’s)



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