The Munching Wabbit: Umami Burger


One of my roommates, Sarah, really wanted to try out Umami Burger and we had some time to kill before one of our class events so we swung my The Grove (an understatement because that place is so beautiful) and got dinner.


Oh my gosh! This was the swankiest burger joint I have ever seen and for good reason.  They have really worked on creating burgers that are non-conventional and unique.  They had a great way of coming up with burgers that weren’t just beef, ketchup and mustard on a bun.  They have different meats and spices that put a creative twist on the familiar, like putting Umami or Korean ketchup on a burger rather than traditional ketchup.  They have a Truffle burger that looked good and my friend got the Ahi Tuna burger and it looked amazing!


I have to admit that I was a little basic on this outing and got the Throwdown Burger, it’s kind of like a fancy double cheeseburger with miso mustard, Umami ketchup and soy pickles. A really great take on a classic that made it special, not just a typical fast food burger.

Now, let’s talk about the fries.  I got a half order of sweet potato fries that were so so good.  They were just crunchy enough (I love all fries but tend to favor the softer ones) and sprinkled with cinnamon.  Some of the others in the group ordered the Maple Bacon fries that were covered in a maple syrup with pieces of bacon.  I was lucky enough to be offered some and, besides being a little sticky, I was not disappointed.

Umami Burger was a little pricey, so we considered it a treat for making it through half a week in LA and it was well deserved.


Here’s there website if you want to check them out!


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