The Munching Wabbit: Jinya Ramen

My roommate has a not-so-secret love for soup, so when we saw this place she immediately said “we have to go there!” I was a little skeptical because

1. Even though I’m a college student, I’m a little late on the ramen game.  I just started eating ramen a couple of months ago when my boyfriend introduced me to “fancy” ramen from the international aisle of the grocery store.

2. I’ve never really been a soup person.  I really only eat soup when I’m sick and it’s kind of like a ritual: chicken noodle soup, a coke and I watch The Wizard of Oz.

3.  I have no idea how to use chopsticks.

Despite these factors (and the fact that the weather was scorching hot) we returned to the ramen shop for dinner the next day.  We ordered our soup, our third roommate got a side of french fries and while we waited I practiced my chopstick form.

When the soup arrived I was surprised how big the portion was!! It was so much food and so fresh as well. I got the Jinya chicken ramen with thin noodles.  The chicken was tender and had a nice flavor, it reminded me of when my grandmother makes chicken for thanksgiving or family get togethers.  The noodles in the broth had to be my favorite part though! You could just tell that they were freshly made and they really took time to develop the broth so it was rich and creamy.



The spinach and green onion made me feel like I was eating something I didn’t need to feel too guilty about and I tried to forget about the little crunchy fried onions.

I really enjoyed all the options Jinya had and it wasn’t too expensive for the amount of food that I got.  The only thing I wish that I could change was the weather, it’s really hard to eat nice warm food when you’ve been walking around in over 100 degree weather for most of the day.  Maybe someone should create a chilled soup place for those extra hot days? Or I guess I can just stick with having ice cream 🙂

Here’s a link to Jinya Ramen Bar’s site if you want to check it out:


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