The Munching Wabbit: Alfred Tea Room

If you have an Instagram and are also a tea enthusiast, there’s like a 75% chance that you’ve heard of the Alfred Tea Room.  It is owned by Josh Zad, the guy that is also responsible for Alfred Coffee & Kitchen.

AlfredWebRes_002He aspires to create a place wear men in suits can purchase coffee without feeling like a #whitegirl or #basic but used those same sort of marketing techniques to make his business fun by getting inspiration from his younger sister.

This is a good short article to read on how he got the ideas for his brand:

His tea shop is marketed the same way but geared more toward teens and young adults, I would say … since the entire store is pink tile and covered in trendy word puns.


They have a very limited menu but that’s because they specialize in just teas and some coffees.  They also have small deserts (like cookies and muffins) and cooled lunch items (sandwiches and wraps) and honestly the food and drinks were not overpriced.  I got a thai tea boba milk tea for around $6 and I got much more than I expected: a tall sized Starbucks drink.


The cup was also really cute (I’m totally gonna keep it and use it as a travel cup for my internship).

I would say that if you want more durable souvenirs, like a hat, tea cup or thermos, be prepared to spend a pretty penny.  They are cute and they know it!

I opted for a pin: it’s small, I collect them and it wasn’t too expensive 🙂 it can live right next to my Universal pin.



Also these are my awesome roommates (except Attallah who is our reclusive fox of the group)



And then there’s me:





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