Universal Studios & Transmedia


We came for the Studio Tour but stayed for Harry Potter World and we were not disappointed.  Although the newest edition to Universal Studios has more shops than rides it is still a great immersive experience into the Harry Potter universe.

This week in class we have been dealing with the topic of Transmedia.  Transmedia is a little hard to define but, it’s a way of telling a story across multiple platforms.  A good way to think of it is like a puzzle, each piece is it’s own separate unit and can stand alone but it also fits into a bigger picture giving us a more complete perspective.


And if you’re still confused, here’s a picture!

This idea of transmedia relates to the theme park because … well it was a giant element of transmedia!

The shops in Harry Potter World, like Honeyduke’s and the Owl Post, were a way for us as fans and muggles to get another piece of the story.  We got to experience things like Butterbeer and magic wands firsthand which added to our understanding of the Harry Potter universe.


The rides also told stories that ran parallel or consecutively to stories we were already familiar with.  For example, the Transformers’ ride took us through the city as a sort of police officer, helping the Autobots defend the Autospark from the Decepticons.  The ride incorporated characters we already knew and a simply story we could either pick up or already familiar with but put us in between scenes in the films without confusing us.

But to get back to the park, it was a really great day, even though it was 106 degrees, hotter than any day I have ever experienced in Georgia.  They have really planned the park for the weather: most of the rides are inside, they have cool stations with misting fans and a small water park area that’s perfect for just cooling off.

I enjoyed the California park just as much as I enjoyed the Florida one and now I can say that I’ve been to both!

Also …. Butterbeer is still dope.

IMG_3574-1 IMG_0889 IMG_3578 IMG_3581-1



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