The Munching Wabbit: Lemonade

Forgive me for the lack of photos on this one, they’re coming … they’re just on my phone right now 🙂

Lemonade is such a cool place! I’ve been there twice now and have not been disappointed.  I wish we had a place like this is Georgia.

The atmosphere is very small town, there is plenty of seating inside and out and the staff is very helpful with explaining portions, food allergies and keeping the line moving.

It’s basically an upscale cafeteria so you get to choose what you want to eat and how many portions you want.  I normally just get one portion of whatever item because the individual portions are really enough if you get a couple of different items.  The first time I went I got an order of lo mein salad, white truffle mac n cheese, and baked chicken and I ended up taking most of the mac n cheese home because I was just stuffed.  I’ve also tried the seared tuna, mashed potatoes, and the broccoli salad.

**The mashed potatoes are so good!!! My inner southern girl was crying they were so good!!

As their name states, they have some pretty good Lemonade.  They have many different flavors to try, I really enjoyed the Blueberry mint even though I’m not normally a big mint fan. They are really sweet as well, if you get the classic Lemonade think MinuteMaid lemonade sweet.  I believe they have some sugar free options as well, I haven’t tried them but they could be a little lighter in taste.

Overall I really enjoy Lemonade and I’m definitely going back to get more flavors and get more mashed potatoes!!


4 thoughts on “The Munching Wabbit: Lemonade

  1. Jessica! Your blog is awesome!!! Really great design and lay out. Loved reading your thoughts on Lemonade! I have yet to go and try, but I have been meaning to. Do they have like an international selection?! Seems like it from the list of foods you have said you tried! We should go sometime! Also, please explain the traveling wabbit. I would love to know the story/inspiration behind this. Anyway, love this! 🙂


    1. Thanks Mari!!! I think they do have an international selection. I know they list some of their year round stuff on their website but sometimes they have seasonal items. We totally need to go!!
      I use to have the nickname “Rabbit” based off of the character Jessica Rabbit, Biddle gave me the nickname Wabbit after I got into Grady, so I just normally use that for my blog names (it’s not usually taken as a username lol).

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  2. I have been wanting to try this place since week 1! Definitely more motivated to go now after reading this post; those food options sound amazing. I’m also not much of a mint person but I think I’d try the blueberry mint lemonade if it leans more towards the blueberry side than the minty side. But based on your recommendation I will definitely be trying the mashed potatoes 😀


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