The Quest of the Hollywood Sign – Part 1

We did not make it to the Hollywood Sign …

Trekking to the Hollywood sign is one of the rights of passage for anyone visiting Los Angeles.  I’m not even sure you can technically say you’ve been here unless you’ve walked to it and eaten In-N-Out (luckily I’ve checked that one off the list).

The unfortunate part about going to the sign is that there no direct path because this is mountain country which means straight is not always the quickest path.  If you google how to get to the sign, there is no direct or easy answer.

You can go to Griffith Observatory, but that path is 4 miles to the sign and back and I’m not sure that it promises the best view.


But there is free wi-fi!

We traveled to the Observatory but upon examination of the sign (which should be available somewhere online, but is not) there was a closer path to our apartments.  Also it was getting close to sunset and I really didn’t want to be stuck in the mountains in the dark. Don’t get me wrong, I’m adventurous but not prepared to be put in a Rambo-esque situation where it’s me vs nature.

IMG_0409 IMG_0410

Although we didn’t get the best view of the Hollywood sign from the Observatory parking lot we did get a good view of parts of the city.  I was also with two couples so I got some cutesy shots of my friends which was …. well cute lol.


Version 2IMG_0398


After driving to a new trailhead, in a local neighborhood, and making friends with some little girls who were asking us to dance if we loved our country (it was the Fourth of July) we again started up the mountain.  Unfortunately the sun had started to set at this point so we cut our losses and headed back for some much needed showers and chill time.

We decided next time we would definitely make it, this day was just a scouting day!

While I didn’t get to see the sign up close and personal, I did get just one picture from the Observatory, just a taste of what’s to come.



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