Internship Week 2 – The day I became a Super Intern

This week was same old, same old.  Getting up early to slowly trek to work, sitting in front of a computer screen for 10 hours, then riding the even slower wave of traffic on the way home and all while not forgetting to get my parking validated.

Wednesday was a little bit of an exciting day.  I was at the reception desk, worrying about how many times I would have to ask the person on the other side to repeat themselves and hoping they would cooperate while I tried to figure out which buttons to push, when one of the assistants asked me if I had a car.  I told her I did and she asked if I would go to Staples and order business cards for a new producer.  I immediately said yes and she told me all the stuff I would need to do like get the right card stock and fill out the check.

On the way out I got a “bonus Jonas” task of stopping and getting more Advil for the office.  The office is a frequent headache zone apparently.


If you get this reference, I love you so much more

I got in the car, excited to actually go out into the world, and headed to Staples.

FILE - In this May 17, 2011 file photo, a Staples sign is displayed on the front of a Staple store, in Portland, Ore. Staples says it will shutter 225 North American stores, about 10 percent of Staples Inc.'s worldwide total of 2,200, by the end of 2015, and the office-supply retailer has started a plan to save about $500 million annually. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Holy Mecca of Staples

I entered the parking lot and noticed another car looking for a spot, I accidentally made eye-contact with the driver because he had his window down.  I immediately felt something was weird, like I shouldn’t have looked.  I parked the car and began grabbing up all the lose items in the car, aware to the fact that he had parked across from me diagonally.  I also waited until someone, a man in a suit, had walked out of the store and was loitering by the entrance.  I got out of the car and heard “Hey lady, come here.”


Now, in the South this is an immediate red flag, like a “Jenny-get-your-gun” “Girl–you-know-what-your-knees-are-for” moment.

At this time I was without my pepper spray and pocket knife so I looked him dead in the eye and said “No, sorry” and bee-lined for the door.  I don’t think he would have come after me or anything but just to be sure I told the Staples employees and checked the parking lot before I left to make sure the car was gone.

With the situation averted, I got the business cards ordered and went to the drugstore to try to figure out how to get the most pills for the best savings, without having a rewards card.  I completed my tasks and headed back to the office with the day almost over.


It was quite an eventful day and now that that has happened the following days of work have returned to being uneventful.  But that day I was a super intern, running errands and turning down strangers.


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