12 Monkeys

Some time ago, we went to an event for the Syfy channel show: 12 Monkeys.  For those of you that are already familiar with the show, that’s great, do your thing but for those of you that have no idea what this is about:

It’s not about a dozen primates.

I’m actually not really sure how to describe it so I’m just gonna leave this picture here for you to get an idea what it’s about or at least make one up.


At the event, we were able to see the second season finale before it aired on television.  The event was pretty cool for the fans, most of the core cast was there for a panel, there were decorations and a raffle for GIANT signed posters.


What I learned from this event is the power of fandom.  While sitting in the dark theater (I arrived late and got literally the last seat in the theater) there were people laughing, screaming and crying and I kinda wish that I was on that emotional ride with them.  This story meant something to them.  For them the consequences of the characters’ actions meant so much more because they had created that emotional bond with the world (or worlds) of 12 Monkeys.  I was completely lost by the cheeziness of quality that Syfy shows normally have: the multitude of twists, semi-realistic gun fights and unnamed evil supernatural forces, but these people just saw things that they loved.

It led me to think that these people were able to look past all of those inconsistencies and be immersed in the story.  That was what the writers and all the people working on that show really wanted.  That’s always what a filmmaker wants: to have someone watch their story and love it just as much as they do.

Afterwards there were lots of questions for the cast and one of the producers.  Some of us won posters and we got photos with some of the cast.

13532875_10154429679408938_5374813906127006367_n 13502142_10154429679428938_2224708063052569807_n


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