Sony Tour

The Sony Tour was … interesting.  They showed us the importance of 4k: it’s origin and it’s place in the future, and how much it would cost me.  The awesome part was the chairs, they were nice worn in fake leather with different buttons adjusting the foot head rests, if it have been awesome if it was a heated massage chair as well.

Next we were shown a practice set, passed around an Emmy and some SD cards costing more than my computer.  I got to take a picture with one of their cameras and that was it.

It wasn’t really so much of a tour, but mostly a pitch telling young filmmakers to buy Sony technology.  They told us why Sony was the best and that they had a wide price ranges, the lowest being a mere $5,000! Nice try Sony, but I made an entire film for less than $1,500 and we used a Canon.


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