Venice Beach with the Family

IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0746

Over the weekend my family visited we decided to get up and travel to Venice Beach because my we all really enjoy the vibe of the beach (at least the vibe of the Florida beaches) and none of us had been to Venice Beach.  My sister was excited to get to lay back in that Cali sun and my mom could just lay back and check out all the cool stuff on the beach, but me … I wanted to find out why they called it “Muscle Beach.”  I definitely found out! After walking along the beach to the pier it was apparent that this beach was a little flashier than Santa Monica.  The people were prettier (no offense) and just a little bit too tan.  We walked along the shops on the way back and we found a very interesting gated off area with workout equipment: “Muscle Beach.”

I really don’t know how to describe it other than like a zoo attraction where people come and watch overly muscled people workout.  Like these people don’t really need to be working out anymore, They’re done, They’re in good physique or maybe passed the “good” line a while ago and are entering into creepily muscular territory.  I also wondered how people got to be in this spectacle: did you have to have a membership? Did you have to be able to do a certain amount of burpees or a certain crossfit workout to even get through the gate? If being a part of this elusive club was like the movie “Nerve” I would be a watcher … definitely not a player.

Another cool part of the beach was the surfers.  On the southern/eastern coast there really aren’t big enough waves to surf unless I’m there at the wrong times of the year so it was nice to not only see one surfer but people surfing together.  The really interesting part is that people weren’t really talking but just taking turns riding consecutive waves.  There was just like a nice flow of understanding and enjoying what they were doing so they didn’t have to talk, it was like a nice little dance between the surfers and the waves.



Overall we had a great time and it was really nice to have a little family vacation and break from my crazy work/class schedule and to be grounded by my family.


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