Writer’s Guild Script Library Visit

Visiting the writer’s guild library seemed to be a great opportunity that not a lot of people know about.  It’s very much like a conventional library except for the fact that it’s smaller, the bulk of the material is scripts of screenplays and you can only 30% of the books can be lent out.  It’s a library that’s material is very important and too historical to be removed from the actual library.

It’s also a rather small intimate space because the space is used to house a large catalogue of scripts from film and television.  Hundreds of years of material is housed here thanks to the generous writers and creators that allow the public a view into what was originally on the page (before it went to the screen).

The lovely librarians set out for us some goodies for us to look through, including “Bob’s Burgers” scripts, “The Golden Girls” bible, and my personal favorite (as though they knew I was coming) “Beauty and the Beast original idea and script with notes.

I was literally like a kid in a candy store who needed to be left alone to truly enjoy all the flavors of my chosen piece of candy.  I quickly read through the script and the most legible notes.  I confirmed that the beast was never given named (no Prince Adam here) and that the secondary characters did not have names, for example Mrs. Potts was simply “Teapot.”  I got to see the lyrics for the song written out in script format, combining my favorite part of the film to be put with my love of good a correct format.

IMG_0186 IMG_0190 IMG_0195

Once I was done freaking out over that I perused the shelves and found another one of my favorite films “Bernie.”  If you haven’t seen this then you should, it’s a really well done mockumentary (I’m kinda guessing on the genre but I’ll explain) telling the story of Bernie Tiede and his really straining relationship with a controlling rich widow.  It’s really interesting to see Bernie’s kind temperament alongside her crudeness and the film intercuts “interviews” with townspeople (who I just recently found out were actors) with reactions and gossip surrounding this story.  It’s just a really clever film and it’s a film I just keep going back too. But back to the library!

I found Bernie on the shelves and got to take a peek at the writing and to see just how closely they followed the dialogue.  Some of Jack Black’s lines were a little different but the main difference I noticed was that the dialogue of the townspeople interviews were colloquialized.  I like to think that the southern actors put a little southern flair on the lines.  For example, adding the phrase “that dog don’t hunt” instead of something like “that doesn’t make sense” because you know we southerners have our own little endearing ways of speech.


Our group got there before the library actually opened so we had the space to ourselves, but once it was open it was nice to see that people were actually really enjoying and using the library to not only learn about the history of media through past works but using those works in order to create new things.

I hope that the library continues to grow and one day I can contribute something or be able to talk someone else into contributing to a library where people can go and get the opportunity to put their hands on something that inspired them to do more.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Guild Script Library Visit

  1. When I lived in LA I’d go there- nice intimate spot, as you said. Have you read Pulp Fiction? Even if you don’t like Tarantino, that script reads so well- like a book, and was filmed just as it reads.


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